Monday, January 25, 2010

Learning to balance the little things

I have a new goal.

It will help me realize how good I am at balancing things.

It's a simple goal.

But here, in Holland, it is the difference between arriving at my destination soaking wet or stylish and dry.

My goal is......

To learn to ride a bike one handed while holding an umbrella with the other hand, and still remain balanced.

Okay, so I just made a big deal out of something that seems pretty petty. But, next time you are out riding your bike and get caught in the pouring rain (which happens more often than I care to admit), I bet you'd wish you could do it too.

I have terrible balance. Wish me luck!



Claudia Medeiros said...

I don't know if I could ride a bike and hang an umbrella at the same time but it's interesting to give it a try ;) Sometimes we get surprised about doing things we thought we weren't able to :D
Good luck and keep us informed about your bike/umbrella skills :)

Have a beautiful and so blessed week !

Kristin said...

My clumsy arse totally couldn't manage that. Ah ha ha. Good luck!!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

That sounds like very acrobatic but yes I hear you. Try Tai Chi. It helps well with balance ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

I think that is a seriously brilliant goal : )

I love it!

Here is to simple goals and wonderful Tuesdays!

So nice to meet you via SITS this morning!

American in Norway said...

Good luck girl! I am impressed you are out riding in the rain in the first place! Heres t simple goals!

Katie said...

ya know, when I read about the bike riders from your last post, I wondered how people stayed fashionable. good luck with the balance!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! Good luck! I'd fall over!

Anonymous said...

I can't even ride a bike with both hands and all of my concentration....I always end up hitting something!!!

Popped in from SITS....don't forget to wear some elbow pads!!!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

stopping by from SITS - definitely an admirable goal! and so practical too!

Anonymous said...

When my husband and I were in Holland before our first son was born, we weren't talented enough to ride a bicycle built for two - we had to go solo. However, I love your goal! The simplest things are often the most beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm still working on this after a year on the bike! I'm ashamed to say I gave up. The wind got me - arm just got too sore, so I opted for wet. Though I have tried rain ponchos, which works better and is more comfortable (though certainly not at all stylish!)