Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dating Rx....prescription needed!

I have a confession to make.

Hubby and I never dated before we were married.

Crazy, right? Now, before you begin thinking that Hubby and I married as complete strangers, let me give our little 'Boy Meets Girl' story in 10 simple steps:

1: Boy meets girl
2: Girl and Boy become friends, then best friends (...this continues for over a year)
3: Boy leaves for an internship in Texas
4: Girl stays behind and continues University
5: Boy receives job offer to work in Germany
6: Boy realizes he is madly in love with Girl
7: Boy buys ring and hops on an airplane to visit Girl
8: Boy takes Girl to the mountains, gets on one knee and pops the question
9: Girl says "Yes!"
10: Boy and Girl get married 3 months later

Bonus Step: Boy and Girl hop on airplane and move to Germany 2 days after 
wedding (a little stressful eventful)

Somewhere between when we met and when Hubby proposed, we fell in love. Because we were best friends we knew the good, the bad and the ugly in the other person and didn't want to live without it. Perhaps it was the time apart that allowed us to realize it. Since getting married, we have had fun "dating" each other as Husband and wife, but we have run into a problem:

We are running out of fresh, fun and romantic date ideas!

So, I thought I would put it out there for you all to see, hoping that you would have some wonderful tips or tricks on dates. A dating prescription, if you will.

When pitching ideas I ask that you please keep the following symptoms in mind:
- Dates cannot begin until after 7pm (bedtime for Little Man)
- We get around by bike
- Babysitters are nearly impossible to get as we don't live near family and all of our friends have small children of their own. The few babysitters available split their time between MANY families
-Due to the previous point, we will need more suggestions for 'Home-Dates' than for 'Going-Out-Dates'

Any websites, tips or tricks that you have to share would be greatly appreciated.

To get the ball rolling, here is a site that always has a few cute ideas. It's called Love Actually. I made their Valentine's Day Countdown which I LOVE and can be found HERE.

Thanks in advance for the prescription.



Aimee said...

What a great story! I love it. As for "home-date" ideas, how about a romantic indoor picnic? Spread out a blanket on the floor with some good cheese and a bottle of wine. My husband and I just try and spend time together every night after our son goes to sleep, even if it's just watching a show together or playing a game of chess or scrabble. We shut off the phone and computers and pay attention to each other rather than outside distractions.


Debbie said...

That is an amazing relationship story! I am so glad you guys realized what you meant to each other.
I've been married either 23 years or 83 years - I get confused. Either way, what is a date?

Claudia Medeiros said...

How about some wine after Little Man goes to bed, of course !
Well, first of all a perfect date for mommy and daddy begins by spending the whole afternoon playing with the little one, this way he'll get tired (we do hope so !) and sleep all night long :) . When the little one is already sleeping (be sure about this!) Mommy should take a shower and get ready for dating daddy who will be waiting with a bottle of wine :)
Well, as a matter of fact, I did this many times but I must confess that sometimes the little one won the 'battle' and hubby and I were too tired for a date :)
Now, as my daughter is 7, we can date :)

I hope you get a date with your husband ;)


Katherine said...

I have no at home date ideas... I'm such a romance dunce! But I just had to say that, that was an incredibly romantic story. I'm trying not to be too jealous.... it's not working :P

Amy said...

Do you guys like fondue? There's a lovely fondue restaurant near me, and when Fiance and I went there on a special date night, we both had such a great time.
The lovely part about fondue (in addition to it being delicious) is that it's an interactive date night that lets you slow down your dinner, talk and enjoy an activity together.
Fondue sets are cheap at stores like Target. You can have cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, and you can even pour a boullion broth in your fondue set in which you can actually cook all kinds of different meats. Fun and romantic!

Jen and Joe said...

While I have no grand date ideas for you, I just had to say - WHAT A STORY! Really, you have an amazing love story. You should put it in book form for your children.

Kim said...

I love your story! How fantastic is it that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend?! I'm with you on the hunt for good date ideas! Especially the home ones, I hate having to not only pay for our date but also our sitter!

Makeup Theory said...

I love your falling in love story. One of our favorite dates is to stay home and give the other a massage. The terms are: full body massage with an exotic oil (my fave is coconut). Candles, music. No conversation or hanky panky EXPECTED, but if it happens, then it was fated. LOL

Emma said...

Awww that's incredibly sweet!! :D xx

Marsha said...

What a sweet story. You can always just take a drive and a bottle of wine and make out in the car!!! LOL

The Coupon Sista said...

Wow, that sounds so romantic! Marrying your best friend is the best!

I actually think you two have it within you to come up with fresh, fun ideas. Just look inside yourself and you'll know what to do!

Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

Verena said...

Laura, thanks for sharing this beautiful story of you and your husband! My hubby and I don´t get much dating time either. We need to work on that one... :)


Unknown Mami said...

Wonderful story!

I don't really have any wonderful date ideas for you. My husband and I love to have dinner after our daughter goes to bed, then watch a movie in bed and snuggle. Pretty simple, but we love it.